Calldera wine category:  c (fruity, light-bodied, not acidic, not oaked)

Origin:  Veneto, Italy

Calldera rating:  5.0 (on a 1 – 5 point scale)

Calldera tasting note:  “Fruit forward, white gold colored wine with an aroma of citrus and melon.  Citrus and melon on the palate.  Lingering finish.  Pair with light fish, chicken and vegetable dishes.  This wine won't weigh you down.”

% alcohol:  12.0%

Average price:  $12.00

The 2018 Villa Sonia Pinot Grigio is a fruity, light-bodied wine of mild acidity.  The predominant fruit flavors are citrus and melon.  Because the wine is low in acid, it should be drunk now.

The 2018 Villa Sonia Pinot Grigio exhibits a pleasing balance of body and acidity and a multi-dimensional flavor profile including fruit notes of citrus and melon.  This is unlike the typical Italian Pinot Grigio wine which tends to be highly acidic and one-dimensional in flavor (i.e., light and citrusy).

Because the 2018 Villa Sonia Pinot Grigio is a balanced wine, most people (even full-bodied, red wine drinkers) will find it pleasing as an accompaniment to light, summery dishes.

Pair the 2018 Villa Sonia Pinot Grigio with fontina, Havarti, Muenster or fresh mozzarella cheese.

At an average price of $12.00 per bottle, this wine is a great value for those whose taste profile includes wines in the Calldera “c” wine category.  It is also a great choice if you’re looking for a white wine to pair with a mildly seasoned fish, poultry or vegetarian dish.


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