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There's Opportunity
  • Personalized Internet marketing technology can increase sales and reduce sales costs
    • Consumers expect personalized service and buy more when informed
    • Knowledgeable sales personnel are scarce and expensive. Digital marketing technology is always available and is low cost
    • Many consumers prefer to seek information online in lieu of in-store interactions
  • Competitive pricing maximizes revenue, but many wines are under- or over-priced
Here's How We Can HelP

The Calldera wine categorization method and wine app provide new, unique business opportunity:

  • A novel, credible way to cost-effectively market wine to consumers
  • An opportunity to grow the market for wine by reducing purchasing complexity
  • A way to appeal to consumers who prefer online interaction over an in-store experience
  • Personalized wine recommendations for customers without the need for sommelier-level trained staff
  • A way to know what wines consumers want
  • Assistance with competitive price setting of your wine relative to other wines with similar taste and quality

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