There's an App for That! - Introducing the Calldera Wine App


The Calldera wine app provides wine recommendations using a proprietary wine categorization methodology in conjunction with a wine “personality quiz.”

What is different about the Calldera wine app?

The Calldera wine app is unlike any other...

  • Unique and comprehensive wine personality quiz identifies your taste preferences.
  • Chemical analysis of every recommended wine ensures a reliable match to your tastes.
  • Novel wine categorization method helps you discover new wines you will like.
  • Identification of high-quality, low cost "value wines" allows you to get more for less.
  • Ability to locally purchase recommended wines is convenient and enables comparison shopping.
  • Learning technology keeps pace with your feedback and changing tastes.
  • History tracking of consumed wines facilitates enjoyable repeat purchases.
  • Social networking features enhance community interaction.

Wine personality quiz identifies preferences

You complete a fun, one-time Calldera exclusive wine personality quiz to obtain empirically accurate taste profiles for red and white wines.  Calldera red and white wine categories are then assigned to you based on the determined taste profiles.

Chemical analysis ensures objectivity

Each recommended wine is chemically analyzed by Calldera using scientific instruments to determine the taste characteristics present in the wine (e.g., tannin, acid, sugar, body).  The identified taste characteristics are then used to assign each analyzed wine to one of 26 wine categories, as exemplified by the proprietary Calldera Wine Wheel.  For instance, a wine in the “s” category is tannic, acidic, fruity, medium-to-full-bodied and oaky.

Novel categorization provides variety

Once your red and white wine taste profiles are known, the Calldera wine app recommends to you a customized selection of wines. Recommendations are based on scientifically measured wine taste characteristics – not grape variety, information from subjective tasting or assumed taste.  Recommended wines sharing similar taste characteristics often are of different origins and/or grape varieties. 

Other objective information assists with wine selection

Objective information, such as origin, grape variety and alcohol content, is provided in the Calldera wine app for each recommended wine.  In addition, a Calldera wine description comprised of simple, consistently used terms describing the visual appeal, aroma, flavor, persistency of taste and an “overriding characteristic” of the wine is displayed for each wine. Calldera scientifically derives an algorithmic-based, objective wine rating for display in the app from its chemical analysis of each recommended wine.  An average user rating is also provided for each wine.

Identification of "value wines" can save you money without sacrificing your enjoyment

Wines with a high Calldera rating (generally 4.3 or higher) whose average retail price is 10% or more below the average price of other wines with a similar Calldera rating are denoted in the app by a green “VALUE" star graphic superimposed on the wine label image.  This allows you to easily identify certain tasty wines you can purchase at bargain prices.

Purchasing information provides convenience, flexibility and value

The Calldera wine app provides average price information and informs you of local and online retail locations where recommended wines can be purchased. Retailers are optionally able to provide discount offers to you via the Calldera app.

Learning technology keeps pace with your feedback and changing tastes

Leveraging its underlying “learning” recommendation engine, the Calldera wine app adjusts recommendations in accordance with your wine ratings and consumption history.  The order of wine recommendations in the app considers factors such as the Calldera wine categories from which you select the most wines, fruit flavors you prefer, how much you typically pay for wine and local availability of recommended wines.  If you consistently give low ratings to wines in a particular Calldera wine category, the app will request short but specific feedback from you in order to adjust the categories from which it recommends wines to you.  If your tastes have been misunderstood or have changed, the Calldera recommendation engine picks up on that and adjusts accordingly.

History tracking facilitates enjoyable repeat purchases

The Calldera wine app keeps track of wines consumed, allowing you to rate wines and write and store tasting notes.  A variety of app sort features and retailer information accessible from the consumed wine list make repeat wine purchases easy.

Social networking provides community

Social networking features of the Calldera app allow you to easily share wine recommendations with others via the Calldera app, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

"Each recommended wine is chemically analyzed by Calldera using scientific instruments to determine the taste characteristics present in the wine (e.g., tannin, acid, sugar, body)."


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