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The Calldera wine rating system is novel and unique.  The rating methodology is scientific and consistently applied.  It does not rely upon subjective preferences of “expert tasters.”  The system avoids the traditional one-size-fits-all approach that results in high ratings only for wines with certain taste characteristics – tastes erroneously assumed to be universally preferred by all consumers.

What is the best wine rating?

The best wine rating is an objective wine rating.  Here's what that means...

  • Wine ratings are determined from objective criteria rather than evaluator preference.
  • Wines are not penalized because an evaluator prefers wines with different taste characteristics.
  • Wines with dissimilar taste characteristics are not evaluated against one another.

Wines are rated on a scale of 1 - 5

Calldera rates wines on a scale of 1 – 5, with 5 being the highest rating.  Generally speaking, wine with a rating between 3 and 4 is of average quality.  Exceptional wines are typically rated 4.3 or higher. 

In contrast to other wine rating approaches, Calldera ratings are objectively determined.

Calldera wine ratings are derived from data collected about the wine during the chemical analysis process performed by Calldera for each recommended wine. 

Data gathered from the chemical analysis process are precisely measured values.  These values are objectively collected for each wine using a consistently applied scientific method. 

Post collection, measured values are assessed against predefined standards for the type of data collected.  These standards, set by Calldera, do not change.

Wine ratings are by Calldera wine category

Calldera wine ratings are distinct to each Calldera wine category.  This means a wine is not “penalized” for being characteristic of its category.  For instance, a wine in a Calldera category characterized by low acidity and high tannin, such as the Calldera “t” wine category, will not receive low marks for being low in acid and high in tannin. 

Only wines belonging to the same Calldera wine category are true “apples-to-apples” comparisons.  Therefore, an individual wine rating is only meaningful when contrasted with ratings of other wines in the same Calldera wine category.

Calldera wine ratings are unlike all others

Calldera ratings are objectively determined in accordance with individual taste preferences, as scientifically delineated by Calldera wine category.  The Calldera ratings are neither influenced by subjective taste preferences of so called “expert tasters” nor other market forces.

Calldera provides unbiased wine ratings you can trust.

"...an individual wine rating is only meaningful when contrasted with ratings of other wines in the same Calldera wine category."


Calldera wine ratings

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