Finally, There’s Technology for Fun!


One of the primary purposes of technology is making our lives easier and better.  In the past, technology has helped us advance industry, infrastructure and mass communications. 

But today, armed with personal communication devices such as smart phones and widely available Internet access, we are finally in an era where technology can improve our individual lives.

How do you find good wine?

You can easily find good wine with the assistance of digital technology...

  • Taste-based personalization technology can pinpoint your individual preferences.
  • A smart, "learning" wine recommendation engine is able to keep track of your evolving tastes.
  • Digital assistance with wine selection is unobtrusive and readily available on your smartphone.

Without help, wine selection can be overwhelming

For thousands of years, people have drunk wine.  Historically, wine selection entailed drinking locally produced wine.  With globalization, options for wine consumption have sky rocked. 

This change has a created a paradox of choice that leaves most of us paralyzed, not knowing what to select as we stare bleary eyed at shelves full of wine. 

No individual enjoys all wines equally.  So, how do you know which wines are for you?

Use technology to relieve yourself from work and guesswork

Calldera has developed technology that relieves you of the work and guesswork.  With its unique and novel approach to wine classification and personal-taste-preference-to-wine-taste-characteristic matching, the Calldera wine app systematically identifies wines just for you. 

Calldera's scientifically-based approach coupled with the wine app’s “learning” recommendation engine provides a tailored solution for wine recommendations unlike anything currently or previously available.

Calldera's learning recommendation engine is tailored to meet your needs

Calldera’s learning recommendation engine observes the wines you drink and the ratings you give them to adjust the order of wines it recommends to you.  

The ordering considers factors such as the Calldera wine categories from which you select the most wines, the fruit flavors you prefer, the price you typically pay for wine and local availability of recommended wines.

If you consistently give low ratings to wines in a particular Calldera wine category, the Calldera wine app will request short but specific feedback from you.  The simple multiple choice response you provide to one or more of these requests improves the engine’s understanding of your preferences.

The Calldera recommendation engine is a patient learner.  It incorporates multiple feedback responses prior to adjusting the types of wines it recommends to you. 

If your tastes have been misunderstood or your tastes change, the Calldera recommendation engine picks up on that and adjusts accordingly.

Uncomplicate life's pleasures

So much in life is complicated.  The things that give us pleasure, such as wine, should not be.  Let advances in technology simplify your life and enhance your enjoyment of the good stuff.

"...armed with personal communication devices such as smart phones and widely available Internet access, we are finally in an era where technology can improve our individual lives."


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Calldera App Feedback Screen

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