Take the Smart Path to Enjoyable Wine Consumption

You have learned that expending a lot of time and energy on something doesn’t necessarily yield desired results.  And sometimes, after you have gotten results you want, you realize the effort and/or money spent just wasn’t worth the benefit received. 

So, you have learned to look for the “smart” path instead of the obvious, traditional path to which others with less experience gravitate.  This saves you valuable time, energy and money.

Almost everyone needs wine advice

Wine is a “dynamic” product whose taste is often unpredictable prior to consumption.  Even wine from the same producer may vary from year to year.  This is due to ever-changing grape growing conditions, grape harvesting practices and wine production techniques.

Wine bottle labels are of little help.  Price often is not highly correlated with your enjoyment of a particular wine.  So, most of us seek advice from others. 

Friends and most wine critics and shopkeepers are well-meaning.  However, they only know what they like – not what you like.  If you are lucky enough to identify a wine advisor who completely shares your tastes, this can work out nicely for you…but that’s a rare situation reliant on happenstance.

The traditional path of seeking advice and then trying a wine is “hit and miss” at best

How many times have you tried a wine someone said was great, only to be disappointed?  You have neither energy nor spare dollars for this.  So, either you don’t drink wine or you drink one or more “tried and true” wines that seem to maintain consistency from vintage to vintage.

A little time spent upfront saves a lot of future time, effort and money

A better experience is possible.  However, like the many other smart paths you have chosen, the path to enjoyable, consistent wine experiences requires a different approach from the obvious, traditional path of “trial and error” wine selection. 

By investing a small amount of upfront time to discover the tastes you prefer in wine, you can select and purchase only wines you really like.  This will save you a lot of future time, effort and money and will undoubtedly increase your enjoyment of wine.

The Calldera Wine Personality Quiz is easy and fun

The upfront investment you easily can make to realize enjoyable, consistent wine experiences is to download the Calldera app and take the Calldera Wine Personality Quiz.  The Quiz is a fun, one-time survey of your taste preferences.  It consists of questions with multiple-choice answers about your preferences for various foods, drinks (other than wine!) and smells.  There are no right or wrong answers...only YOUR answers.

The Calldera App is informative and simple to use

After you have completed the Calldera Wine Personality Quiz, every time you open the Calldera app, you immediately are shown wines matching your tastes that are recommended especially for you.

The app is simple to use.  The underlying technology is smart.  This combination affords you consistently enjoyable wine experiences with minimal investment of your time and energy.

Go ahead, take the smart path...like you always do!




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